Cooperation with Bionorica SE

Oribalt Tallinn AS is happy to officially announce the commencement of its cooperation with one of the leading global manufacturers of herbal medicines Bionorica SE. Oribalt Tallinn will take responsibility for Bionorica OTC medicines sales, marketing and representation in Estonia. This will help Bionorica offer more flexible supplies of products to it’s clients and to better defend the position in Estonian pharmaceutical market. 

Bionorica is known in the pharmaceutical industry for such brands as Sinupret, Canephron, Tonsilgon, Bronchipret

About Bionorica:

             Bionorica was found over 85 years ago and developed from a one-man company into an international corporation with more than 1,800 employees worldwide. With exports to more than 50 countries around the globe, Germany-based Bionorica SE is the world’s leading manufacturer of herbal medicines.

                Commitment to researching medicinal plants and herbal medicines makes Bionorica different from many other herbal brands. "We work together with leading institutions and universities all over the world, and at this level we are the benchmark for the global herbal medicine industry," says Professor Michael Popp, Chairman of the Executive Board of Bionorica SE.

About Oribalt:

                 Oribalt Tallinn AS belongs to the Oribalt Group, which operates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, was established in 2017 when the Finnish wholesaler Oriola Oy, the sole shareholder of the company, sold its Baltic business to new shareholders. The Oribalt Group consists of five companies in the Baltic States, has a consolidated turnover of approximately EUR 65 million in 2019 and employs around 135 people.

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